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I am going to be an Aunt! My brother and his girlfriend of three years just found out they are going to have a baby, and I am SO happy. Kamylle will finally have another kid to play with, and I will be able to get my “baby fix” without actually having to have my own!

Yippee, I’m excited,



I love Joss Stone. Her voice is amazing, and she has rhythm like no other white girl I have ever seen.

Diggin on her,


“I was just wondering; do you have any more room in those jeans for me?”

Yeah, my coworker apparently thinks it is cute to hit on me via the email server at work. First of all; if you want to hit on me do it better than using some bullshit junior high school line. Second of all; I am really not interested in you, and now that you showed how LAME you are by sending me that message, I really dont want anything to do with you.

Or your wife.

Or your six month old son.

Men are whores – except for my man,



Do you ever wonder what the fuck some people are teaching their children? As I sat through a lovely display of our criminal court system today; waiting to get fined my whopping $100 for a mistake that will go unmentioned here, I got to watch this 19 year old kid with an attitude bigger than Mike Tyson’s complain that he pled guilty to a charge and didn’t understand what it meant when he did so, and he wanted to withdraw the plea. 


Now, I am no rocket scientist, but when the judge tells you that in order to get out of jail on the day you are scheduled to get out, you need to take the plea; or else you will have to start the trial all over and sit in jail the entire time, which will put your sentencing date later than your “out” date, I recommend you take the damn plea.


His mother is in the corner, next to his VERY pregnant 16 year old girlfriend; crying for her “poor baby”. Yeah, because your poor baby didn’t mean to steal that car from that older man with a gun, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, right? This is the exact attitude that makes the kid think his shit doesn’t stink; the reason he keeps committing crimes. Because his parents never taught him how to take responsibility for his actions, he feels like he can just keep committing offenses and never have to deal with it.


Boo fucking hoo that your son is locked up and now he has to suffer the consequences. When his public defender tried to explain that the courts made a mistake and he would be getting out in less time than he thought, he was actually stupid enough to request to withdraw his plea; putting himself at risk of being in jail longer than originally planned, and missing the birth of the child he is having with that 16 year old crying in the corner.


But it’s ok, because Im sure  he “didn’t mean” to miss the birth of his child, and he or she will totally understand why when they are old enough to, because he is going to teach them the same thing his parents taught him – MEDIOCRITY. To never have expectations for his or herself higher than being a common criminal, because he or she will always have someone else to take care of him or her.


I wonder what stupidity feels like. I know my daughter will as well, because I am teaching her to be smart and strive to make her life amazing. I am not teaching her that no matter what she can run around and screw up her life because I am too busy to care about where she is and what she is doing. She will always have consequences, she will always have rules; she will always be taught that nothing is worth giving up your freedom for. I will teach her to be intuitive, and not to succumb to those imbeciles that think fucking around is cute because their parents don’t care. I do care, and I will continue to care.


Always watching,



So, after the tragedy that quickly became of my attempt to procure Foo Fighters tickets; I was happy to see that KROQ sent me a timely notification of their pre-sale for the shows just added to the Social Distortion tour. Not only did I get it with enough time to log into the presale, I had enough time to open about 20 browsers and get them all searching for tickets on different dates.

Unbelievably, one of the browsers got lucky, and I was able to purchase tickets. To my surprise, I got tickets to the show on Saturday, December 29 at the HOB Sunset Strip. A Saturday show in Hollywood? This never fucking happens to me. The Universe must feel like I have paid my tithings, because I have no idea how I got so lucky as to be able to get these tickets so easily.


Could my week start off any better? I doubt it,




So this weekend I spent a lot of time with my BOYFRIEND. Yes, that right, the Hot Guy decided that I was worthy enough of his good looks and charming demeanor to make me his actual girlfriend. He is totally special, and blows my mind. Maybe one day I will let you guys see a picture of him, but not yet, I don’t want any of you lady blog-lurkers out there to wet your pants just yet.


And to top that off; he actually bet me that in the main event of the UFC fight; Liddell would beat Jardine. I had Jardine, and guess who won? Oooh, split decision or not, Jardine got the W. And so did I, which means that I don’t have to dress up in my old high school uniform (why do men have such a fantasy about Catholic School girls anyway)? I get Hot GUY times ten, which to those of you special enough to know, that can only mean that I am going to be giggling A LOT very soon. :: wink, wink::


So, yeah, I wont this weekend. Twice.


So Damned Happy,




So, I get a pre-sale notification on Thursday morning from my favorite radio station KROQ; Foo Fighters are playing the Fonda on Monday, the 24th. Tickets are only $20, and I will totally drop a twenty to see Dave Grohl make love to his guitar and take shots of Jaegermeister on stage. The sad thing is, the pre-sale information got emailed to me late. I had already missed it.  


What makes me happy again is seeing that I can still get tickets through Ticketmaster, they go on sale today at 5pm. I am ready to go, logged in by 4:55pm, and refreshing every few minutes. At 5:01, the sale commences. I type in my “code” to look for tickets, and within 10 seconds, I am denied. All tickets for this even have been sold out.


What the fuck?


I try again. And again. And one more time for shits and giggles.




Yet, as soon as I log into eBay, I see this bullshit.


Damn those ticket brokers and their inside trading shit.


So I will leave you with this little ditty from the band. I know it got played out way too much, but I still fucking love this song.




I’m Still Mad Though,