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Woke Up To the Sound of Pouring Rain. . .

Posted on: October 30, 2007

I think it is funny how certain songs can take you back to places you haven’t been in years. I started getting into music at a very early age; my parents said I used to be so enthralled with watching MTV at the ripe old age of 3, that I would get mad if they changed the station. My father instilled the need to listen to various styles and genres of music, and to always have an open mind when listening for the first time.

The 80’s were definitely not what I would call “ground breaking” for music. Hair metal and electric pop music blasted the airwaves, while I sat with my older cousin Jennifer; stopping, rewinding, and listening over and over to our Depeche Mode tapes to copy the lyrics down, because they weren’t on tape cover/insert.

Some songs do stick out to me as being kind of sweet love songs; “Power Ballads” if you must; Skid Row, Poison, Gun’s ‘n Roses all had them and I would like to share with you now some of my not-so-guilty-pleasures. I have so many distinct memories that accompany some of these songs. It makes me sad that the artists who performed these songs are now on Reality tv, looking for love or doing some “Surreal Life” crap.Then again, the eighties were crazy, and most of these guys pissed away all their money on hookers and blow . . .





Skid Row – Sebastian Bach before the lame “Celebrity Rap Superstar” bull ish MTV suckered him into . . . damn he is fine.


Axl shows his softer side in this sweet love song . . .




Brett, that sexy man, before he had to go on Reality TV to find a woman.






Oops, how did that last one get in there?

You Know You LOVE the NKOTB,




2 Responses to "Woke Up To the Sound of Pouring Rain. . ."

I will always love I Remember You.

i remember you all-time best song

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