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The rain brings out the stir-crazy in me. I am sitting at my desk, as I have been all day, only right about now I am silently begging to be told that I can go home early, because I am the best employee ever.

Not going to happen any time soon I suppose. Oh fucking well.

All day long it has been one boring spreadsheet after another. Then once those were done, I had to document how I was able to put all the information into the spreadsheet. Talk about fucking STUPID. How hard is it to document: “I take the report that is generated and given to me by Co-Worker A, and put the numbers in the spreadsheet under the column ‘QTY On Hand’. Then, I save it and upload it to the website.” Bada-bing, there you have it.

Oh wait, you really want me to elaborate, and add screen shots, and break it down step by step like I was teaching a 4 year old? I like to think that the people I work with are not mindless drones; but living, breathing, intelligent (ok, maybe not everyone) human beings who can be shown how to do something without reading a beginners book with illustrations.

Apparently not.

So I made that into a project as well, it took a whole 35 minutes to complete, and I have since turned it in and been told that it is PERFECT and needs no revisions. No shit Sherlock, how can you revise the manual for how to count to 3? You can’t; it doesn’t take all that much effort to learn it the first time.

Ugh, sometimes I swear these people are going to kill me with redundancy of miniscule tasks. Maybe it’s the whole fact that I have an IQ of 138, and this is just not challenging anymore? Maybe it is the fact that, yes, I do work with idiots? Who knows, maybe I will be able to blog or surf the net more now that I don’t have to show people how to COPY AND PASTE because they finally learned how to do it on their own – in a detailed 10 page instruction guide, written by me.

In other news, I got a really flattering and much appreciated compliment/comment from Laurie Kendrick on my about page. I added her to my blogroll after only seeing a few of her posts, because she is super funny, and writes about es ee ex, and relationships, and life, and death and all kinds of good stuff. Her daily posts definitely help me get through all the monotony of my job. I am not so used to getting compliments though, not that I don’t ever get any, but I guess I always feel unworthy of them. Like, did I really do something all that special that it warrants a compliment? Wow, thank you – you are fucking awesome too.

So yeah, that has been my FUN rainy Friday. I am going to leave you with one of the All-Time best videos by LIPSYNCHING asshats, but titled so appropriately for this day. Enjoy a little Milli Vanilli everyone!



Happy Friday, beer in mah belly soon,



The Pharcyde are some crazy dudes! I was turned on to them back in 1999, by a my former friend David Atwell. I havent heard form this guy in FOR-EV-ER, but every time I hear this damn song, i remember the nights we used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, laughing and drinking and watching the “Bizarre Ride II” video, that had this song and many many other good ones.

It also had a very long scene from a trip the guys took to Amsterdam, and how many blunts they rolled. Ahh, the wacky tobacky . . .

“We rolled up on her back to get a burger from Wendy’s and her skates went flat . . .”

I love it,


So, after waking up the other morning with the beginning stages of a bladder inFUCKtion, I drank about three liters of water, and was able to kick the damn thing out of my system! Yay for me, I don’t have to agonize over the pain and constant urge of having fire water pass through my urethra!

In other news, I am planning a trip to Vegas with my Hot Boyfriend in two weeks! I am so excited; a few of our friends are getting married at the Bellagio, and we are planning on staying as drunk as we possibly can for those three days. If I thought the debauchery in San Diego was bad, I can only imagine what is in store for us in Vegas! I haven’t been there in a few years, so I am really going to make the best of this trip, and most definitely, molest my Hot Boyfriend while we are both too drunk to remember. I can’t wait!

It seems like ever since I started dating the Hot Boyfriend, I have had more and more opportunities to go out and enjoy myself, whether in his company, or not in his company. Back when the ex-shithead was around, I was pretty much stuck to doing what he wanted to do (which usually wasn’t anything except getting him drunk), and going where he would let me go. Freedom is so much better, and my Hot Boyfriend is very good and comfortable with giving me just that, because I do it for him as well. I think that is the key to our being so good for each other, we can let the other get away for a night without being to scared of the “cheating” they might do, or the fun they might have without us.

I really like my stinky Hot Boyfriend!

Happily with HIM,


I honestly have to say that after last night, I appreciate the fact that I have my Hot Boyfriend in my life more than I could even have imagined. I answered the ex-shithead’s phone call last night. He kept calling and texting all day yesterday, and I finally just got tired of hearing the phone ring. I answered and he spewed a bunch of the same bullshit he always spewed when he thought I was gone; only this time, he admitted that he knew it was really over.

He kept on with the lines about how special I am (well DUH), and how much he will always appreciate all I did for him (DUH #2). He tells me he wants to be friends, because he considers me the best friend he has ever had. The entire time, I was imagining the last girlfriend he had before me, and hearing those same words being said to her. It was all rehearsed sounding, even though I knew he was at a bar, and he as sounding pretty drunk by the time I finally answered.

It didn’t phase me, and I guess it kind of gave him the closure that I didn’t care to give him. It ended on a good note, and I truly felt like I had gotten rid of the one issue in my life that didn’t seem to ever have resolution. And I was so happy that I have moved on and found someone a million times better than I ever thought I could have found.



I’m so lucky to have him,


It’s bad, really, to have the hatred I have right now. SO MUCH HATE.                 

I have worked so hard to get over this, and to move forward with my life in a positive way, yet I can’t seem to shake it right now. I hate him for all the shitty things he did to me. I hate him for having the balls to send me text messages telling me how he will always love me, even though he couldn’t figure out how to love me when we were together. I hate him for making me feel like in some way I was inadequate, all because this didn’t work out.

I hate him. 

I moved on, I found someone better; I even started to fall in love. Why is it that just as soon as I start to feel like I am living my life normally, he sets me back like this – the same way he did when we were together? I can’t let this happen again, and I don’t want to, but I can not stop feeling so much hatred for him right now. 


I hate him, I hate him, I hate him. 

Hey, if you couldn’t figure it out already, I just thought I would let you know; I HATE HIM.


Thanks for listening to me vent, 


I like to consider myself a rather healthy person; I don’t usually get sick, at least not sick enough to actually call off work for. Yes, I get the occasional cold, who doesn’t, but 95% of the time, I am in pretty darn good shape. Then there are those days when you wake up and you know that something just isn’t right. Today is one of those days. 

I woke up and began my normal routine, only about half way through I felt like I had to tinkle again, which is not normal. I waited it out for a while, and still felt like I had to go. When I finally did go again, it was what I call “Stream of FIRE.” Yes kids, mama woke up with a bladder infection, which is probably the worst possible thing to have to go through on a random Tuesday at my office. 

This is not the first time I have had a bladder infection, I remember the first time, and it SUCKED. I was 18 and living on my own. It started while I was at work at the pool hall, and since I had no idea what it was, I sat through that pain for two days before I went to a doctor. By then I was doubled over crying from the pain. I learned my lesson, and since then, I use every precaution I can to not ever have one again. 

A few times, I have felt one coming on, but was able to nip it in the bud by chugging a gallon of water and lying in bed until it felt better. I had one rematch with it when Kamy was about 2, and I literally ran to the doctor on my lunch hour and walked in and made them see me. That one wasn’t nearly as bad as the first, but it was painful none the less. This time, well, I hate to be the pessimist, but I feel like this one is going to be bad as well. I am chugging water now at my desk, but I have little faith, because the pain is not going away yet. 

This fucking sucks! I can’t concentrate, and it is growing more painful. Doctors’ book of home remedies tells me to just keep drinking fluids, but a person can only do so much. I HATE cranberry juice, which everyone says is the best cure for it, so that is out of the picture. I cannot get into a doctor right away even if I wanted to, because I am not driving right now, and my mother is out getting malled, buying Christmas gifts. Not that I am one to request sympathy, but can someone feel bad for me, just this once? I guess we will just have to wait this out and see how it ends.


Wish me luck for now, 


Some days it is easy to just sit down and pour my heart out on paper. Other days it takes A LOT of prodding, and then just scribbling to get some ideas. Some times I think the little mundane happenings in my life are far too boring to post here, for fear that all the readers I have will fall asleep and never come back. The good thing is, since we are in the technological age we are in, no more crumpled up paper balls lining the floor around my trash can, all I have to do is highlight the text and hit “Delete”. This is something I do on a daily basis. 

The last five days were spent in the company of loved ones; my daughter and Hot Boyfriend to name the most important. Lush spent the weekend in Havasu with her family, so I did not have the pleasure of her company, but I lived. Wednesday night, Kamy and I took ourselves over to the Hot Boyfriends house, and we relaxed out side by the fire pit, with him playing his guitar for us. Thursday was the typical family junk, only the Hot Boyfriend joined us for the entire length, and even got suckered into polishing the silver with me. We ate ridiculous amounts of turkey and all the fixins, and then proceeded to pass out before 9pm. We are old and we suck. 

Friday was spent shopping with my mother, and then getting all pretty for my friend Theresa’s wedding Friday night. The Hot Boyfriend and I had a great time, and he looked so fucking sexy I almost made him pull over so we could get a room and just fuck right then. Not joking. I took lots of pictures, and danced like a moron with the bride and groom, and didn’t get at all drunk (unfortunately).

Saturday morning, I packed up the offspring, and we headed back to my man’s house fro the rest of the weekend. At some point during the evening, his best friend brought over some turn tables and speakers, and the Hot Boyfriend played for hours with them, while Kamy acted too embarrassed to dance around. A few friends passed through, with Annie and Lauren staying until the wee hours of the morning, just chilling by the fire pit with us. Sunday was, as it should be, a day of rest. We did nothing, and we all enjoyed the crap out of it. 

The past few days have made me appreciate what I have in my child, and in my new man.  My daughter is the easiest kid to handle, she doesn’t ask for much, and always tells me she loves me “the best”. She is smart and funny, and damn cute! My Hot Boyfriend, well, is amazing. I got all emo last week over some ish, but when it all was said and done, he was by my side, and telling me that he was happy he stayed and shared this time with me. He is probably the next best thing since sliced bread, with regards to my life. 

Only four more weeks until Christmas, and I have a whole new slew of things to get done; shopping for the kid, paying off a ticket and getting my license back, and even better – a wedding in Vegas in a few weeks. Yay! I haven’t been to Vegas in almost three years, and I am very much looking forward to hitting the city with my man, and being ridiculously drunk for as many hours as I possibly can during daylight.


Content, and looking forward to the upcoming month,