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Its Friday again, thankfully! Though only three days long, this work week has sucked majorly. I have been SO tired all week, and cannot seem to get any type of relief from it at all, even when I take a nap in my car at lunch time. Thankfully, Christmas is over, and the year is nearly over too, and I get another 4 day weekend to relax and welcome the New Year.

Lucky for me, I get to spend one of the last nights of this year seeing one of my favorite bands, Social Distortion, play at the House of Blues Sunset tomorrow night. I am so fucking excited, I don’t know how I am managing to not piss my pants. Joining me will be my Hot Boyfriend, my Hot Best Friend, and her new Luvah; so it is definitely going to be a damn good time had by all.

On a totally different tangent, a question that keeps going through my head lately, is “How come the Hot Boyfriend doesn’t want to spend nearly as much time with me as he used to?” Could it be that he is still in semi-shock about knocking me up? Could it be that now, since I am not able to party and get drunk with him and his friends all the time, I am not as desirable a candidate for a random Thursday night hang out? Or a Friday night hang out? Or a Saturday night hang out? Why is it that we always hang with his friends, and hardly ever with mine? Why is it acceptable for him to spend four nights in a row partying at his house, or with his friends, but then only give me maybe two nights? He used to spend at least 6 nights a week with me, and he still managed to find time for his friends. And he was the one who always initiated everything.

Maybe it is my hormones getting the best of me, but in reality, I am so fucking vulnerable right now, I just want him with me, and he keeps finding reasons not to be. What’s even worse is that he doesn’t just party like a normal person, he stays up all night, and sleeps all day, then complains about how terrible he feels to me (he is sick, and has been for almost a month – maybe if he stopped staying up all fucking night he would get better) and uses that as an excuse not to see me – but then parties all night the next night. And the invitations to come over and hang with him have dwindled down as well. I don’t want to be the super sensitive girlfriend that complains about feeling neglected, but I do feel that way. I don’t want him to feel obligated to be with me, but shit, I didn’t get myself pregnant, is it asking too much for him to show me some fucking attention? Am I wrong to feel like shit when I have to ask him if I “get to see him” tonight, or any random night? What should I do?

I feel like I am stuck in a pretty low spot, and I have a tendency to slip into depression really easily – and it isn’t like I can take any meds for it now. I know I need to talk to him, but I just get so fearful of the impending fight it is going to bring on. Yes, a fight, because although he is a wonderful man, I think he is still stuck in the mode of being young and carefree, and having no serious responsibilities. I told him a few days ago that I feel like he doesn’t take my feelings into consideration the way I do his, but I didn’t go much farther than that – we had already been fighting for a good hour. Our first fight, on Christmas Eve, and I didn’t say anything I truly felt about what we were fighting about, because I don’t want to fuck this up. I am so afraid of having to do this alone, and though he knows I love him, I do not know how he will react to me spilling all these feelings. Some people will say that is a problem in our relationship that needs to be fixed immediately, but it is easier said than done. We are still fairly new, and now put under a ton of pressure because of the baby, and I don’t want to ruin what I have tried so hard to create with him already. It is shit like this I should have considered before having unprotected sex, I know, but what is done is done, and I have to live up to my responsibilities.

I just need him, and his love.


Tired, and frankly, kind of peeved,



Christmas morning I was awake at the butt crack of dawn by my five year old. “Santa came to our house, Mommy! He came!”  Her eyes were absolutely lit up with excitement, which meant that I had to tear myself from my warm blanket and get my ass out of bed.

We woke up the rest of the house, and began to unwrap the gazillion presents under the tree. My daughter is officially spoiled, and I love it. There was no “big” gift under the tree this year, and Santa didn’t bring her a puppy like he did last year, but nonetheless, she was satisfied. I got three new pairs of jeans that I won’t be able to fit into soon, and some other random goodies. My Hot Boyfriend was spoiled a little too, and he had a smile on his face.

After the gifts were opened, we set the kid up with one of her 5 new movies, and I crawled back into my bed for a short nap before it was time to go over to my Aunts house and pig out on fried turkey (courtesy of my Daddy), Roast Beast (prime rib), and spiral ham, with all the fixins. Of course, some of my aunts relatives from her husbands side were there, and although lovely people, they are fucking HOGS. I barely had a chance to make my child a plate before they practically bit my hands off to make theirs.  

My brothers’ pregnant girlfriend didn’t even get to make a plate, and they were piling the food high on theirs. Typical manners suggest that you should take a fair share of food, and let others select as well, if you would like more, you go back for seconds, but you allow others to eat as well. These people obviously do not know much about manners.

Everyone did get fed though, and though the HOGS literally ate and left, we all enjoyed our meal.  Due to the fact that nearly no one in my family actually to eat any of the turkey (my Daddy makes a KILLER fried turkey), my Daddy is going to have an encore for us on New Years Eve. YAY! 

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, Hot Boyfriend and I returned home with Kamy, and all laid in my bed and watched a movie. At 8 o’clock on the dot, Kamy was in her bed, almost asleep, and Hot Boyfriend and I were in my bed nearly out as well. 

That’s what I call a good fucking holiday. I hope all of you enjoyed yours as well, and I hope Santa was good to you all.



Thank goodness it is over though, 


My Christmas went very well, the kid was spoiled (as always) and the food was good (what was left by time I got to make a plate, at least). My family is great, and my Hot Boyfriend is amazing.

Today though, I feel like utter shit. I am more tired today than I have been in a while, and I feel like throwing up at the mere sound of someone chewing anything that resembles food. Sorry, but I am not too sure if I will post anything worth while today, I will fill you in on all the good details from Christmas tomorrow.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, and continue to have a great week. Hopefully, none of you have to work this week, like me. Well, I mean, show up to work, not actually work – since NONE of the management staff decided to come in today, there is nothing to do but twiddle my thumbs in hopes that one of the printers will run out of toner so I can change it.

Have a beer or two for me, PLEASE,


Christmas is my favorite holiday, because I love to give gifts. And also, because there are some really fucking cheesy Christmas songs out there. So, in typical “too lazy to write anything worth while” Friday fashion, I give you some of my favorite LAME holiday videos.

This one is better than the one that is made to look like her personal home videos. Looks like American Bandstand to me, or at least a good attempt to look like Bandstand.

How can I leave out the New Kids? I’m not saying anything further.

Ok, so I take it back, this last one is not lame, it is AWESOME!!!! This is truly, my all-time favorite Christmas song. How much better does it get than Bing Crosby and David Bowie? It doesn’t.

Merry Effing Christmas,

A daily topic of conversation around the KrazyBitch household, is that KrazyBitch Britney, and any of her daily antics, which are all clearly caught on tape here, here, and here. And there is ALWAYS something good to talk about.(Note, I check TMZ at least 3 times a day for updates, so I know when the bitch has done something nutty again.)

Well, it looks like Britneys little sister Jamie Lynn has gone and trumped Britney for the “Most Louisiana White Trash” spot in the records books. 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears, star of Nickelodeons “Zoey 101” has admitted she is pregnant, by her boyfriend. That one guy who isn’t famous, that she met at church. Ok, now, if your sister was a fucking insane as Britney, and caught on video doing everything, and you decided to hump your boyfriend, wouldn’t you use birth control? Don’t they have health insurance in the Spears family? What the eff?

This is fucking hilarious,


I told you I was excited to become an Aunt, but it just got one degree more awesome. My brother and Val went to the doctor today for the ultrasound, and they found out they are having a girl. I am getting a niece, and Kamy is getting a girl cousin! I am so happy for them!

This is going to turn my “Bigger than me, Tough Guy” little brother into a big pile of mush! This is going to be great!

Excited again,


It is funny how as soon as you decide you want to change something about your life, another something that totally affects the outcome of said change happens. Like when you decide you want to learn how to snowboard, and right before you leave for Tahoe, you break your leg. Or when you decide to get your body back into shape, and then you find out you are pregnant.

Thats’s right, this KrazyBitch is going to have a baby with her Hot Boyfriend. It is very unexpected, but at the same time, very welcomed. I cant lie, I have had the itch for a while, so when I found out I was going to be an aunt, I thought “Hell yeah, I can play with this one (niece/nephew), and then give it back, what could be better?”

But then last week, I found out what was better when I did the good old “pee on a stick” routine. In all honesty, I have wanted Kamy to be a big sister for as long as I have had her, and really thought that it wouldn’t happen for a long time, if ever. Now, I am actually quite thankful that I get to give Kamy this gift, and have the opportunity to raise another child, and with someone so amazing. He is just as happy as I am if not more; he actually called his mother within minutes of getting the test results. I feel lucky.

So, yes, I did have fun this weekend in Vegas, but very sober fun. I quit smoking right away, and even though the urge to pound a beer when I get home tonight is very strong, I will not be doing so. I already informed my boss, who is also very happy for me; stating “I love babies, this is going to be great!”


Damn, we are going to have one gorgeous baby! And he or she is going to have a really cool Auntie Lush!

I am so lucky,