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So, with the countdown being SO on my side at this point – we are talking mere DAYS here people, the baby is due to be here in, like, 23 days or something and my anxiety has reached its all time high point. Posting has been non-existent for a few weeks, clearly, but only because the fatigue and all around feeling of SLOTH have pretty much taken over me. I dont use the word SLOTH lightly either, I feel absolutely useless most of the day.

When I was this pregnant with Kamy, I would literally sleep until noon everyday, and usually have a late afternoon nap. This cannot be done, with the simple fact that I have her gorgeous six year old behind to look after on the daily. Not to mention that this week, my poor sister in law had to go back to work for the last month of her stores duration (Linens and Things is closing all its California stores, and she has to go back in order to get her severance), so I have the wonderful pleasure of babysitting my ever so adorable three month old niece Audrey. This is way too fun for me, because I love that little girl so effing much it makes my heart have palpitations.

Two weeks ago this Saturday my cousin Heather threw me a baby shower, attended by all my family, and best friends. It was too much fun. Hot Boyfriend attended as well, and was even cool enough to let a bunch of women use him as the Baby in the “Toilet Paper Baby” game. His team did a damn good job too – they actually won the game. I was lucky enough to receive everything that I needed for this baby from everyone, and I even managed to have all the thank you notes filled out to be mailed tomorrow or Saturday. Two weeks is good timing for me, because I HATE writing thank you notes, I know they are important, but I hate doing them. But I did, and I am done, thankfully.

The doctor visits have shifted from monthly, to bi-monthly, to weekly now. The last three weeks I have gotten to go sit in the over crowded waiting room to be seen  for a total of three minutes by one of the doctors at the OB office I go to. All has gone accordingly until Tuesday of this week, when the doctor decided to tell me that she is worried the baby might be too small. She gave me orders for another ultrasound, this time at the hospital where I will deliver, so that they can rule out IUGR.  This has naturally made me a fucking headcase, because everything I have read about IUGR leads me to realize that it can be very bad for my baby.

I really dont know what else to write now. To be quite honest I am a blubbering idiot now that I got thinking about all this crap again. I think I need to chill out.

Keeping my fingers crossed,