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Archive for December 2008

I have not been here to write in well over two months. I could use the obvious excuse of having a newborn to take care of and a first grader to help with homework, but that would be a lie.

I haven’t been motivated to write anything in quite some time. To be honest, the last few posts here have been a serious effort (with the obvious exception of posting the pictures of the baby). I know that this blog was not one of the more “quality” blogs out there, it was kind of my little place to vent and just rave about whatever bullshit had been going on in my life., but regardless, I know that writing here helped my head from turning into a catastrpohe of epic proportions; one that would need a medicine cabinet full of pills to fix.

I have found a little more inspiration, and I will be sure to come back more frequently beginning tomorrow. Tonight I just wanted to come back and say hello and yes, I am still alive, to those who care.