Half Baked and Half Naked

Who Am I

I am a single mother to a wonderful 5 year old daughter, Kamylle. She is my everything. I am currently unemployed, and searching for a new paper pushing job. I have the most amazing best friend I could have ever wished for, also known as My Hetero Life Mate. I also have a wonderful, funny, and fucking Hot Boyfriend, who knocked me up for my last birthday, and we are now expecting our baby in August.

I don’t claim to be a writer, although when I actually apply myself, I can do amazing things (not to sound too self-centered). I love to post music videos and and song lyrics, for not only the easy out, but for the time I get to waste searching for the video on You Tube. I spend too much time reading TMZ, and trying to find out what shenanigans Britney is getting into next. I love music, especially Tool, Foo Fighters, Weezer, Van Morrison, Neil Young, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, and so much more classic rock that I tell my father on a daily basis when he dies all I want is his vinyl album collections.


6 Responses to "Who Am I"

I writer is simply one who writes. That would make you a writer! ❤

You ARE a writer. Re-read what you’ve written. You apply yourself with words more than you think you do and your readers the lucky ones..

I am honored to be on your blogroll. Thank you very much for including me.

Laurie Kendrick

ha, I have a hetero life-mate/best friend too! I love him to pieces!


Hetero NOTHING, don’t act like we don’t get down weekly. ❤

we (silent is two people: adam and me, his girlfriend, sarah) think what we have read on your site is really well written, he (or she) who writes is a writer

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