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Saturday night was spent at some relatives house for a surprise birthday party for my Uncle. The 50’s themed party went off pretty well, with my uncle doing his best to look surprised when he walked into the party he already knew about. No one had tipped him off, but he figured it out on his own at some point, and never let anyone know. By the end of the night, my uncle was piss ass drunk and making a fool of himself in only the best way. Good times.

Sunday, however, was a much more busy day. After getting up early to stuff 12 goody bags, I had to run errands to pick up Kamys birthday cake, some 2 liters of soda, a birthday card (how I forgot that I will never figure out), and some birthday donuts for breakfast. By 11am we were loaded in the car and on our merry way to the party venue for the 6 year old birthday bash 6 weeks in the making.

Much to my disappointment, only 5 of the invited 25 guests actually showed up for the party. I should not have been surprised, since the five who showed were the only five who actually did RSVP. I guess I was just let down by the family members who never even bothered to call, even though my daughter and I have attended every one of their parties.

Regardless of the class-less people who didn’t show up, my 6 year old had SO MUCH FUN. She ran around like a banshee and got crazy with all the kids who did show up, and then chowed down on her pizza and cake before opening the mound of presents brought to her by the family and kids that did show up. She was spoiled, and it didn’t seem to phase her that the party was unattended by more than 75% of the guest list.

Later that evening, seven of us piled in our cars and drove to Wabi Sabi, a teppan steakhouse somewhat like Bennihana for her celebratory dinner. Yes, my 6 year old loves this place. She loves the “big fire” and the “volcano” and the cool knife tricks that our cook does. Her favorite part is trying to catch a piece of zucchini that he flips off his spatula through the air into her mouth. She didn’t actually catch it, but she laughed each time he tried. Over all it was a good day and night, and she really was spoiled. The gift giving spilled over into Monday, with two kids from her school bringing her gifts in lieu of not attending her party, and another of my cousins coming over after she got out of school to give Kamy more gifts.

I feel like I accomplished my mission to give her a good birthday; which will be the last one she has before she is no longer the only child/grandchild. My niece is due in 15 days, and my second daughter will be here in less than 4 months; then Kamy’s world will totally change, so I feel like I need to make these last few months as fun as I can for her.

I’m trying,



Tonight my Hot Boyfriend and I are heading down to San Diego, where the drinking, nudity, and total debauchery are going to commence in celebration of my 27th birthday. Tomorrow, Lush and a new friend are going to be joining, and we have a suite on the beach, so you can only imagine the shit we are going to pull.

There will, most likely, be skinny dipping in the ocean. There WILL be way too much alcohol for only four people to drink, but we will make it all disappear.

I got a new camera for my birthday from my mommy, so I will be posting the naughty pictures as soon as my ass gets home on Sunday. I cannot wait to see how the weekend unfolds!

Only 15 more minutes until I get outta here, since my boss was kind enough to let me go home an hour early.

Prepping for a DRUNK weekend,


Its my birthday, if i want to post twelve million videos I will . . .

Jonathan Davis and Amy Lee . . . damn they made this song sound GOOD.

I haven’t had a birthday that was this good in a while. Normally, I don’t really get into my b-day and I guess that reflects on everyone around me. This year though, has already been one that I won’t forget. 

My coworkers took me out to lunch for some good food and cocktails (but don’t tell our boss); then had the people sing me “The” song. Then, around three-thirty, my boss called my department together for a “meeting.” Apparently, I was the only idiot who believed the meeting crap, because the real reason we all got together that I didn’t know about was that they had bought me an ice-cream cake and a card. Let me remind you before I tell you this next part – I work with all men. 

Ok, are you ready for this one? 

They all sang Happy Birthday to me; all the men in my department. I now officially feel special.


Tonight I am going home to have a dinner made especially for me by my mommy, and spend some time with my gorgeous daughter before my Hot Boyfriend and I meet up with my best friend for some drinks. 

I felt early on that this would shape up to be a good day, and now I know that my feelings were right. It’s about time I had a good birthday.


Birthday Debauchery to Come, 


PS: Here is another damn good video. I looked all over for a video of the acoustic version of this song, and I finally found it. Damn good music, I love Robert Smith and The Cure.

I turn 27 today. Yay, another year closer to 30. I am getting old!

I will be very drunk later on tonight,  I will post some pictures later!



It is the day before my birthday.

I just felt like mentioning that,


To my boss, John!

Two more days until my birthday!