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All I am going to say for right now is that my Hot Boyfriend is amazing (sweet nothings!), and that my best friend has a nice rack, and good taste in women!

More later,



Tonight my Hot Boyfriend and I are heading down to San Diego, where the drinking, nudity, and total debauchery are going to commence in celebration of my 27th birthday. Tomorrow, Lush and a new friend are going to be joining, and we have a suite on the beach, so you can only imagine the shit we are going to pull.

There will, most likely, be skinny dipping in the ocean. There WILL be way too much alcohol for only four people to drink, but we will make it all disappear.

I got a new camera for my birthday from my mommy, so I will be posting the naughty pictures as soon as my ass gets home on Sunday. I cannot wait to see how the weekend unfolds!

Only 15 more minutes until I get outta here, since my boss was kind enough to let me go home an hour early.

Prepping for a DRUNK weekend,