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So, just a quick post today.

Go give some love to my Beautiful Best Friend, she is having a really difficult time right now. I am not going into detail, it is not my place, but she needs love and hugs and kisses – even of the internet kind.

I love you Lush, you are a truly awesome woman. This WILL get better, no matter how shitty it looks right now. I’m always here for you and will do anything you need me to do – just say the word.

Much LOVE to my Lush,



This last weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a VERY long time.  After letting my hormones get the best of me and succumbing to the temptation of being an emotional bag of shit most of the day on Friday, my mind was eased by my Hot Boyfriend, when I went over to his house for the evening, and we pretty much just relaxed in his back yard by the fire pit. The night concluded with him making me feel so happy and in love, I nearly cried during sexy time . . . 

Saturday I lounged around the house for most of the day with Kamy, until it was time to get ready for the Social Distortion concert. I took her to my Aunts house and made my way over to pick up Hot Boyfriend, and then down to Whittier for my Hot Best Friend and her Luvah. We got to Hollywood about a half hour before the show, and thanks to some really smart parking ideas, walked up a steep hill for nearly a mile before we actually got to the venue.  Got inside, ordered WATER for me, and drinks for everyone else (gotta love being pregnant), and then made our way to the floor to get a good spot for the show. 

The show was awesome; I will post a better review of it tomorrow, with pictures (however shitty they may be, since I had to use the cell phone camera). Let’s just put it this way, I am already looking to buy tickets to another show at the end of this month, because I don’t think I will ever get enough.

Sunday was another lazy day, and Monday was nearly the same; but Hot Boyfriend and I made our way to one of his friends’ houses for a New Years party. I was the only sober person at the party, which in any other situation, would make me feel slightly uncomfortable, but not that night. I rather liked being able to watch EVERYONE else in the house get completely fucking wasted and make assholes out of them selves.  However, all the drunken people were really entertaining playing “Rock Band”. 

Yesterday was yet another day of doing absofuckinglutely nothing, and I loved it. Kamy spent the entire first day of 2008 in her pajamas, as did I, and I don’t care. I enjoyed myself, and that’s all that matters to me. Tonight is dinner with Hot Boyfriends family, and then a whole lot more of nothing. Yay!


Enjoying my lazy time, 


Lush: I’m a sick broad with ear wax fetishes. Don’t act like you haven’t played along. You remember those nights in the meat cooler at Staters.

K: Yes, I remember quite well. You used to like it when I would spank the top sirloins before I would play with your naughty spot.

Lush: Even hearing top sirloin still makes me shudder with anticipation.

I know, I know, I haven’t written anything decent in a few days, I am sorry.


It’s been laid back around here, almost too laid back. I spent my entire weekend home, with the Hot Boyfriend and Kamy, finding more inventive ways to do nothing. We went to the park, we walked the dog, and we drank lots of beer. Yes, Kamy drinks beer, she drinks more than me, she has a very high tolerance. Just keep her away from the tequila or else she is dancing on the table tops. 

Other than that, I have been basking in the fact that I dodged a bullet with the lack of a DUI charge against me. That alone is reason to celebrate all weekend with beer and cigarettes. 

Friday, I received an email from my high school sweetheart, Omie Bear; telling me that he will be in town during December for the holidays, and that he would like to get together. He moved to England about six years ago to be with a woman he had fallen in love with after we broke up; Juliet. Yes, that is her real name. They ended up getting married, and then less than six months later she left him because she apparently didn’t want to be married to that wonderful man; and broke his heart. 

I found out about all of this two years ago when I sent him an email letting him know I was going to be in Germany for Thanksgiving. He ended up joining my friends and me in Germany, and then when he had to return, he flew me out to England for five days to spend time with him. It was the best two weeks of my life; and he had a lot to do with it. 

It was like we had never been apart; neither of us had gone and married the wrong person, and we were back where we were in 1999 – together and happy. We spent our time in Germany holding hands and walking through the Christmas markets sipping Gluvine, ducking into little pubs when the snow began falling too heavily. Sneaking kisses around every corner, basking in the fact that we got to experience Germany together. 

Our time in England was even more magical – I spent my days assisting him in the kitchen and behind the bar of his pub, and my nights eating wonderful meals and drinking pints of beer with him in other establishments. We would walk our drunken asses by the light of a kerosene lantern, up the dirt path to his home; where we would sit listening to Dave Matthews and talking for hours by the wood stove. 

We fell in love all over again.


Then, I had to leave. 

He came home to the states for a brief visit for Valentines days of 2006, and he took Kamy and I to Lake Tahoe for a week. It was an amazing week, the first time he had met my daughter, but it never felt that way. It felt more like this was how it should have been. When we came back, I had another five days before he left, and we spent it with his family, laughing and reminiscing on our old high school days when they all figured he and I would have been married before we were both 21. 

When he left, we both cried, and held on to one another longer than we should have. We planned for me to get my shit together so that I could move my daughter and I out there to be with him, because I would love to raise my child in England and he would love to be a part of that. But time passed, and my situation became more and more difficult – I attempted to cut certain negative people out of my life, but could not find the strength to do so, and my monetary situation became one that would not allow me to move into a studio apartment, let alone up and move to another country. 

Hearing from him now brings up so many different mixed feelings; I have so much love and emotion inside for him that sometimes all I can do is cry to think about it. He will be coming this time with a new woman, er uh, girl. He tells me she is very jealous of me, and he reiterates that she should be. However nice he intends for that to sound, it is little consolation. 

I have moved forward with my life, the same as him, but it still hurts so badly. I have my Hot Boyfriend, who I ADORE beyond belief, he is smarty, funny, sexy, and a great companion – we are more alike than we even care to admit. I know he will even be the first person to tell me to go see Omie, but I don’t think I can. 

I don’t know what to feel about this whole situation, and I have told Omie that. I have only recently been able to really move forward with my life, getting rid of the ex-shithead I used to date, and being able to open up and find someone new. Omie is the reason I was able to do so, he gave me that confidence to believe I deserved better. He told me months ago that he had begun seeing this new girl, and although it hurt, I was glad that he was able to find someone to make him happy. I think this is what ultimately gave me the push to get rid of butt-fuck (above mentioned “ex-shithead”), and really give myself the chance to be happy. 

I guess what I need help deciding is whether or not to see him; and whether or not to see him alone. I know neither of us would do anything to be disrespectful of either of our relationships, but I am afraid that us being alone would only make it harder to see him go. Apparently, like I mentioned above, the new girlfriend is jealous of me, and that alone makes me want to go meet her so that she knows not to worry – but another part of me doesn’t even want to have to face the girl that now has his heart. 

I don’t know what to do. It hurts to imagine not having him in my life at all, like when he moved away. But at the same time, it hurts to have to move on, and to have to watch him move on. 

Slightly Confused, 



Here is a video that will always hold a good memory fro Omie and I . . . he is the person who turned me on to DMB, and I thank him for it on a regular basis.


Tonight Lush and I are going back to Downtown Disney, the place where I met my Hot Boyfriend, and eventually ended up in handcuffs afterwards. Tonight though, we are seeing one of the sexiest stand up comedians/ TV game show hosts, there is; Joe Rogan.

Most people only remember him from Fear Factor or as the announcer from all the UFC fights, but Joe has been in stand up since his early 20s, and is damn good at it. Earlier this year, he made Carlos Menstealia the laughing stock of the comedy scene when he called him out on his bullshit right on stage, with a video camera recording everything.

Intellectual, sexy, tough, and funny, Joe Rogan is definitely worth shoving all other bitches out the way for, so I can be up front with my drinking buddy to get his perspiration on me.

Can’t Hardly Wait,




Hush little lady don’t say a word
Or the rest of the village gonna know you’re disturbed
And if you let them know that you’re vulnerable
Then there aint no stopping how far they open you slow
I’m a chapter in your text book read me like a checkbook
Mistook love at first site for a sex look
Enough of the blind man’s bluff, I want the good stuff
Trying to hookup a full belly and a foot rub
The modern man’s hustle I dig it, I shovel
Feed me your troubles and need me to cuddle
Bundle up in my mitten and coat
As cold as it gets I keep your winter afloat
So let the snow fall, (it’s comin’ down)
She doesn’t want to understand why I still come around
She look at the mirror she don’t see what I see
She holds no history of how precious she be

Lay your head on my chest, speak of the stress
Kick your feet up and rest, before we clean up the nest
I hate to see you upset it cramps the position
And if you didn’t know you better listen

I love you Lush,