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Hell yeah, I am spending this weekend in Vegas with my Hot Boyfriend. We are attending a wedding tomorrow night at the Bellagio . . . woo hoo! It is definitely going to be fun. We’re leaving right after work tonight, and probably going to be sitting in some shitty fucking traffic, but thats ok, I have my ipod.

Anyways, I know posting has been light and somewhat boring, but the last week or so has been pretty interesting and busy, and honestly – CRAZY. I promise I will let you in on my secrets very soon, but I need to figure somethings out first. Please be patient with me . . .

Here is a good video to watch on Friday. We love Jimmy Buffet ’round here!

Have a great weekend, I know I will!!!



Coworker: Wow, I like your sweatshirt; I just noticed it has Hello Kitty and Skulls on it. 

Me: Thanks, I got is from J for my birthday. 

Coworker: Oh that was nice of her; I didn’t know they made Hello Kitty with skulls too. 

Me: yeah, I didn’t either until I got this. 

Coworker: It is really cute! 

Me: Thanks, but what I always wondered was this; would it be so cute if we stopped calling it “Hello Kitty” and just called it “Hey Pussy”


Oh Yeah, I wanted to mention also that I won a brand new iPod Nano from Café Mom! I am so stoked, it is about time something went right for me today.


I’m a Smart-Ass, 


Today I am being handed an invoice by a certain individual who seems to like my jeans, when he also gives me this little tidbit of hilarity:

“Don’t ever say I never gave you anything that is 8 inches wide and 11 inches long.”

This actually rendered me speechless,