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Yet another politician has been found to have gotten his dick wet on a prostitute. Elliott Spitzer, Governor of New York, has admitted to sleeping with prostitutes. One in particular has been named, and her picture is now being plastered all over the internet, and all news channels. What I don’t understand is why everyone acts so fucking surprised when these high profile men do things like this? Because they are politicians? Because they are married? Because they are men? Guess what; adultery, be it gay or straight, is a LOT more common than anyone wants to admit. Just because someone is in the public eye, it doesn’t mean they are not just as human as the rest of us “regular” people.

Kobe Bryant did it, but the bitch tried to get his money by falsely accusing him of rape. Magic Johnson did it, and ended up with HIV. Hugh Grant cheated on Elizabeth Hurley (what a fucking MORON) with an UGLY prostitute, which is even worse. Eric Benet cheated on Halle Berry, and she won a fucking Oscar. Bill Clinton did it (ok, he made some bad decisions though, he could have at least picked a fucking hot broad). Larry Craig did it too, in the fucking men’s bathroom even. And I personally know plenty of “regular” men and women who have cheated on their spouses or significant others. It is more common than we all admit.

Who knows why the guy did it, but who fucking cares really? Maybe his wife hasn’t given him any in years, or maybe when she does let him fuck her all she does is lay there and pant? Who fucking cares, just because he is a politician, that does not mean he is not human.

No, I am not condoning this behavior, because I have been cheated on myself. What I am saying, is quit opening the 5 o’clock news with this story, and quit plastering it on the front page of my newspaper; I would much rather hear about what we are doing to get our men and women out of Iraq as quickly and as safely as possible.

Looking at this picture though, I can definitely say without a doubt, that I would have tried to fuck her too if I had a cock and needed it that bad.


Tell me she doesn’t look tasty.

Yeah, I didn’t think you could,



90210 Season 3

Today is DVD and CD release day, and while trolling around on the internet for Britney’s latest mis-adventures, and and other really good smut, I stumbled upon this ad for the third season of 90210 on dvd. Before Laguna Beach, and The Hills, this was the teen drama. What else could possibly make my Christmas any more complete? Back in the 5th grade when this show came out, I had no idea that I would end up falling deeply in love with Luke Perry, aka Dylan Walsh – the Bad Boy. They even gave his part of the opening credits a music change for a more dramatic effect. Oooh baby, now I can masturbate to his face whenever I want?! Oh the joy!

I happen to know one REALLY good looking drummer for this rock band, we will call him Jizz, and he is just as in love with the 90210 as anyone I have ever met. He actually was proud to admit that he owned the first two seasons already, and what man do you know who will actually admit it? And no, he is not gay, he is very straight, and very much in a relationship.

Now I cant get the theme song out of my head dammit,