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Ok, so I should start by saying that I am a bad person for not updating since the last post. I had my follow up appointment the Tuesday after the ultrasound, and after waiting in the exam room for approximately 45 minutes, the doctor came in and didn’t even remember she had me go for the ultrasound. I had to ask what the results were, and she had to go search them out in order to give them to me. The results showed that the baby weighed around 6 pounds, give or take a pound, which is small, but not TOO small. She said that everything seemed normal, and I should not have worried.

I should not have worried? Yeah ok, tell a woman who is 36 weeks into her pregnancy something could be wrong and then expect her not to worry? Yeah, I want whatever drugs she is on, because apparently they made her delusional.

Anyways, I went back again this past Tuesday for another routine check, and found out that I was dilated to 1, and if I made it to the appointment next Monday, she would go ahead and induce me next week, probably Tuesday. Yes, she totally redeemed herself from the previous week, because anything I can do to have this baby out of me sooner makes me happy. In order to hasten the pace of this, I have been walking everywhere, and entertaining thoughts of drinking castor oil (not really, blehhhh). Yeah, needless to say, I am READY to meet this little girl.

In other news, I cut all of Kamy’s hair off. I have never cut it in her entire six years of life, and she had been bugging me to get it cut for about two months now, so I went ahead and did it. I saved a lock of her hair, since the hair at the bottom was the hair she had on her head as a baby, and I chopped it all off. She now has a chin length bob, and looks absofuckinglutely adorable! She also has a loose tooth on the bottom row, which should probably fall out within the next few days. Oh my god, my baby is growing up, and here I am starting over with another baby. All of this makes me think I am fucking insane, which for the most part is true, but man – what was I thinking?

So, yeah, I will try to post another update next week before I have the baby, and then obviously, post pictures of the new addition as soon as I have the energy.

Here though, in the tradition of posting something from YouTube (which I haven’t done in a long time), is a little something I FINALLY got to see, called “Charlie the Unicorn”. This shit is HILARIOUS!

Shun the non-believer, Shun, SHUUUUUUUUNNNNNN!

Hahaha, I love it,



The death of one of the most amazing stand up comedians in the history of American stand up has really made me sad. When I first heard the news that George Carlin had passed away on Saturday, I had to go to the bathroom to wipe away the snot from crying so hard. I know that may sound corny, or lame, but it is true. I absofuckinglutely LOVE George Carlin. His comedy was some of the most intellectually stimulating comedy I have ever heard. He had a knack for pushing the envelope, and really just taking his subjects the the next level. Some of his comedy was even banned from being played on the radio and television back in the 70’s, for being too “raunchy” shall we say.

Here is his famous “Seven Words” clip, watch and enjoy.

RIP George, you will be missed greatly.


Christmas is my favorite holiday, because I love to give gifts. And also, because there are some really fucking cheesy Christmas songs out there. So, in typical “too lazy to write anything worth while” Friday fashion, I give you some of my favorite LAME holiday videos.

This one is better than the one that is made to look like her personal home videos. Looks like American Bandstand to me, or at least a good attempt to look like Bandstand.

How can I leave out the New Kids? I’m not saying anything further.

Ok, so I take it back, this last one is not lame, it is AWESOME!!!! This is truly, my all-time favorite Christmas song. How much better does it get than Bing Crosby and David Bowie? It doesn’t.

Merry Effing Christmas,

Hell yeah, I am spending this weekend in Vegas with my Hot Boyfriend. We are attending a wedding tomorrow night at the Bellagio . . . woo hoo! It is definitely going to be fun. We’re leaving right after work tonight, and probably going to be sitting in some shitty fucking traffic, but thats ok, I have my ipod.

Anyways, I know posting has been light and somewhat boring, but the last week or so has been pretty interesting and busy, and honestly – CRAZY. I promise I will let you in on my secrets very soon, but I need to figure somethings out first. Please be patient with me . . .

Here is a good video to watch on Friday. We love Jimmy Buffet ’round here!

Have a great weekend, I know I will!!!


Back when I was like 18 or 19, I used to frequent a Karaoke bar in Orange called Quans. There were a few really good singers at this bar, regulars you could count on to get your attention and keep your eyes glued on them. One of these regulars was a guy named Rod.

Rod was about 5’3”, with dark black hair and a sort of “Rocker” look to him. He was attractive, and damn he could sing. One of the songs he did was “Bed of Roses” by Bon Jovi. Rod could fucking sing this song EXACTLY like JBJ himself, and Rod always had all the ladies at the stage cheering him on when he did this song.

Ok, so Rod used to hit on me like no other, and buy me all kinds of drinks. Nothing ever happened (I have issues with dating men I can see over the top of), but he did make me fall in love with this song, so you can thank him for this video/lyrics today. All together now: “Thanks Rod!”


Sitting here wasted and wounded
At this old piano
Trying hard to capture
The moment this morning I don’t know
‘Cause a bottle of vodka
Is still lodged in my head
And some blonde gave me nightmares
I think that she’s still in my bed
As I dream about movies
They won’t make of me when I’m dead

With an ironclad fist I wake up and
French kiss the morning
While some marching band keeps
Its own beat in my head
While we’re talking
About all of the things that I long to believe
About love and the truth and
What you mean to me
And the truth is baby you’re all that I need

I want to lay you down in a bed of roses
For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails
I want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost is
And lay you down on a bed of roses

Well I’m so far away
That each step that I take is on my way home
A king’s ransom in dimes I’d given each night
Just to see through this payphone
Still I run out of time
Or it’s hard to get through
Till the bird on the wire flies me back to you
I’ll just close my eyes and whisper,
Baby blind love is true

I want to lay you down in a bed of roses
For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails
I want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost is
And lay you down on a bed of roses

The hotel bar hangover whiskey’s gone dry
The barkeeper’s wig’s crooked
And she’s giving me the eye
I might have said yeah
But I laughed so hard I think I died

Now as you close your eyes
Know I’ll be thinking about you
While my mistress she calls me
To stand in her spotlight again
Tonight I won’t be alone
But you know that don’t
Mean I’m not lonely I’ve got nothing to prove
For it’s you that I’d die to defend

I want to lay you down in a bed of roses
For tonight I sleep on a bed of nails
I want to be just as close as the Holy Ghost is
And lay you down on a bed of roses

Dammit, now I am all sentimental and miss my Hot Boyfriend,






The rain brings out the stir-crazy in me. I am sitting at my desk, as I have been all day, only right about now I am silently begging to be told that I can go home early, because I am the best employee ever.

Not going to happen any time soon I suppose. Oh fucking well.

All day long it has been one boring spreadsheet after another. Then once those were done, I had to document how I was able to put all the information into the spreadsheet. Talk about fucking STUPID. How hard is it to document: “I take the report that is generated and given to me by Co-Worker A, and put the numbers in the spreadsheet under the column ‘QTY On Hand’. Then, I save it and upload it to the website.” Bada-bing, there you have it.

Oh wait, you really want me to elaborate, and add screen shots, and break it down step by step like I was teaching a 4 year old? I like to think that the people I work with are not mindless drones; but living, breathing, intelligent (ok, maybe not everyone) human beings who can be shown how to do something without reading a beginners book with illustrations.

Apparently not.

So I made that into a project as well, it took a whole 35 minutes to complete, and I have since turned it in and been told that it is PERFECT and needs no revisions. No shit Sherlock, how can you revise the manual for how to count to 3? You can’t; it doesn’t take all that much effort to learn it the first time.

Ugh, sometimes I swear these people are going to kill me with redundancy of miniscule tasks. Maybe it’s the whole fact that I have an IQ of 138, and this is just not challenging anymore? Maybe it is the fact that, yes, I do work with idiots? Who knows, maybe I will be able to blog or surf the net more now that I don’t have to show people how to COPY AND PASTE because they finally learned how to do it on their own – in a detailed 10 page instruction guide, written by me.

In other news, I got a really flattering and much appreciated compliment/comment from Laurie Kendrick on my about page. I added her to my blogroll after only seeing a few of her posts, because she is super funny, and writes about es ee ex, and relationships, and life, and death and all kinds of good stuff. Her daily posts definitely help me get through all the monotony of my job. I am not so used to getting compliments though, not that I don’t ever get any, but I guess I always feel unworthy of them. Like, did I really do something all that special that it warrants a compliment? Wow, thank you – you are fucking awesome too.

So yeah, that has been my FUN rainy Friday. I am going to leave you with one of the All-Time best videos by LIPSYNCHING asshats, but titled so appropriately for this day. Enjoy a little Milli Vanilli everyone!



Happy Friday, beer in mah belly soon,


The Pharcyde are some crazy dudes! I was turned on to them back in 1999, by a my former friend David Atwell. I havent heard form this guy in FOR-EV-ER, but every time I hear this damn song, i remember the nights we used to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, laughing and drinking and watching the “Bizarre Ride II” video, that had this song and many many other good ones.

It also had a very long scene from a trip the guys took to Amsterdam, and how many blunts they rolled. Ahh, the wacky tobacky . . .

“We rolled up on her back to get a burger from Wendy’s and her skates went flat . . .”

I love it,