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The rain brings out the stir-crazy in me. I am sitting at my desk, as I have been all day, only right about now I am silently begging to be told that I can go home early, because I am the best employee ever.

Not going to happen any time soon I suppose. Oh fucking well.

All day long it has been one boring spreadsheet after another. Then once those were done, I had to document how I was able to put all the information into the spreadsheet. Talk about fucking STUPID. How hard is it to document: “I take the report that is generated and given to me by Co-Worker A, and put the numbers in the spreadsheet under the column ‘QTY On Hand’. Then, I save it and upload it to the website.” Bada-bing, there you have it.

Oh wait, you really want me to elaborate, and add screen shots, and break it down step by step like I was teaching a 4 year old? I like to think that the people I work with are not mindless drones; but living, breathing, intelligent (ok, maybe not everyone) human beings who can be shown how to do something without reading a beginners book with illustrations.

Apparently not.

So I made that into a project as well, it took a whole 35 minutes to complete, and I have since turned it in and been told that it is PERFECT and needs no revisions. No shit Sherlock, how can you revise the manual for how to count to 3? You can’t; it doesn’t take all that much effort to learn it the first time.

Ugh, sometimes I swear these people are going to kill me with redundancy of miniscule tasks. Maybe it’s the whole fact that I have an IQ of 138, and this is just not challenging anymore? Maybe it is the fact that, yes, I do work with idiots? Who knows, maybe I will be able to blog or surf the net more now that I don’t have to show people how to COPY AND PASTE because they finally learned how to do it on their own – in a detailed 10 page instruction guide, written by me.

In other news, I got a really flattering and much appreciated compliment/comment from Laurie Kendrick on my about page. I added her to my blogroll after only seeing a few of her posts, because she is super funny, and writes about es ee ex, and relationships, and life, and death and all kinds of good stuff. Her daily posts definitely help me get through all the monotony of my job. I am not so used to getting compliments though, not that I don’t ever get any, but I guess I always feel unworthy of them. Like, did I really do something all that special that it warrants a compliment? Wow, thank you – you are fucking awesome too.

So yeah, that has been my FUN rainy Friday. I am going to leave you with one of the All-Time best videos by LIPSYNCHING asshats, but titled so appropriately for this day. Enjoy a little Milli Vanilli everyone!



Happy Friday, beer in mah belly soon,